English ID 3 - 2nd Edition - Workbook

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English iD 2nd Edition achieves this goal by:

emphasizing fluency and accuracy;

embracing cognates for speakers of Spanish and Portuguese, enriching texts and building vocabulary faster;

highlighting stressed syllables in new words so students master pronunciation more quickly;

focusing on common mistakes to accelerate accuracy;

providing audioscripts that help with difficult aspects of listening, pronunciation and spelling for speakers of Spanish and Portuguese;

personalizing learning through “Make it personal” section in every lesson;

building writing skills through integrated process writing in every unit;

exploring the 60-question syllabus with a memorizable question opening every lesson;

presenting song lines linked to every lesson to help remember its language or topic;

offering a iD Café video in every unit

What’s new?

Pronunciation Chart: now digital;

Cyber English and World of English boxes have been removed.

Relevant information has been included in the Teacher’s Book.

Students have access to the digital pages of the print Workbook, with all the activities 100% digitalized and trackable.

More digital content: new Extra Practice Activity types:

            - Common Mistakes: now there is one activity in every unit.

            - iD Café: now there are activities for the videos.

            - Pronunciation Chart: it is now digitalized and there is one activity for each sound.

Interleaved Teacher’s Book

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